Singer-songwriter/guitarist Season Ammons is set to release her third solo album ‘Neon Side of Town’ on January 18. Teeming with assorted sonic textures, lush harmonies and incisive, well-crafted lyrics, this album is a departure from Ammons’ past blues and soul-hued projects. After spending several years living along Florida’s Emerald coast, Texas-born Ammons has landed back in her home state along with a beautifully rendered collection of songs filled with post-divorce confessions, unrequited love and self-reflection that straddles the line of neo-traditional country and Americana perfectly. 

Recorded in Wimberley, TX at yellow DOG Studios, ‘Neon Side of Town’ was produced, engineered and mixed by sought-after producer David Percefull and features ten original tracks written by Ammons.  For this release, Ammons enlisted a handful of key Texas players including Adam Odor on bass; Geoff Queen on pedal steel, resonator and slide guitars; Josh Center on drums and Percefull helps out on electric guitar and keyboards. 

“I’ve never put out a straight country album, which is unlike anything I have ever recorded before,” explains Ammons. “I write so many different kinds of music from blues to country to soul and folk. I knew these songs needed special treatment and careful production to ensure that they avoided current country stylings while embracing the old- school authenticity of a pure country song. With the diversity and acceptance of the ever- changing musical landscape, I felt like it was the right time to put this collection of songs together with the right producer who would value my sentiment.” 

The album’s title track seamlessly kicks off the album with Ammons’ emotionally loaded vocals at front-and-center followed by the fast-talking, blazing country rocker “Stepping Stone” and its razor sharp guitar riffs.  Pensive ballad “Your Kiss Remains” is driven by the mournful whine of the pedal steel and the heartbreak of a one-sided relationship. 

Ammons gives a nod to all the men who love unconditionally on the straight-shooting “Damn Good Man” and confronts the romantic tragedy of a one-night stand on the sultry “For Tonight.” 

The album’s centerpiece and first single “Jim Beam and Nicotine” is a no-holds-barred drinking song about coming to terms with divorce by sipping the pain away. 

Rounding out the album is “Salvation,” a gorgeous, sparse track reflecting on spiritual and personal growth. 

“I’m nearly 40 years old and feel like I’m in the prime of my life,” says Ammons. “My vocals are the strongest they’ve ever been with polished and deliberate delivery. I’ve been through so much pain and life experience and have come through on the other side, resilient and confident on a personal level and as an artist. “ 

Ammons will tour extensively throughout Texas and the Southeast throughout the rest of the year and 2019 including a special release day performance at the 30A Songwriters Festival in Destin, FL.   

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Season Ammons ‘Neon Side of Town’ Track Listing 

  1. Neon Side of Town 

  2. Stepping Stone 

  3. Your Kiss Remains 

  4. Whiskey Wings 

  5. Damn Good Man 

  6. For Tonight 

  7. Jim Beam & Nicotine 

  8. Daddy Raised Hell 

  9. Bottom of the Bottle 

  10. Salvation